2 houses in a conservation areaBuilding or refurbishing houses within a conservation area throws up a whole set of complex issues and it’s vital to work with someone experienced in this niche area when considering a transformation project.

UK conservation areas were introduced in 1967 in order to preserve and enhance regions of special architectural or historic interest; we’re lucky to live in a county with so many areas of natural beauty deemed worthy of protection.  The legislation surrounding developing properties within a conservation area undoubtedly enhances the quality of life and improves property values for residents living there.

It’s important to be aware that plans submitted to the local council for homes within conservation areas are subjected to even greater scrutiny than usual.  The planning authorities have additional powers of control and will generally require a higher standard of design for new builds – and it’s crucial that any new buildings are totally in keeping with the vernacular.  We and our team of specialist architects are mindful of all the requirements and are able to guide you carefully through the planning process, offering thoughtful, considered advice.

We’ve recently completed two beautiful houses in a conservation area of Surrey, and we’re delighted to report that we’ve just been appointed to start work on a neighbouring property.  This means that we have valuable current experience of the challenges thrown up – and of the ways to work within the guidelines to create something not only stunning, but practical and totally in keeping.

Our aim is always to create buildings that blend seamlessly with their surroundings – and raise the bar for those that follow.

If you’re considering a property project within a conservation area, please contact me to talk through how we may be able to help.

Nick Barlow


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