We understand that finally taking the first few steps on your ‘journey’ towards building your forever home can seem a little overwhelming.  The enormity of the process, all the professionals you need to involve, can be daunting.  It’s tempting to look around and engage an amazing architect, an experienced structural engineer, a talented interior designer and more.  But stop!  Life can be so much easier if you decide first on your project manager – and then involve them in every decision.

We can, of course, introduce you to the skilled professionals from our list of tried and tested architects, designers and so on that we’ve worked with before, but we’re just as happy to work with someone you’ve already selected or who’s been recommended to you.  The key is that we’re involved from the very outset.

We’ll ask questions that you may not have considered and will ensure that your original vision doesn’t get diluted along the way.  We’ll make certain that nothing gets overlooked and that you have impartial advice and guidance throughout.  And because we’ve done this sort of thing many times before, we’re fully aware of the pitfalls and we know what you need to avoid.

After all, if we’re going to be responsible for building the house, it makes sense to have us by your side at the preconstruction design stage too.  We’re the ones in the middle, joining up all the dots – and our fee for advising on this stage of the process is refunded in full when we’re appointed to manage the build.

Designing and building the home of your dreams should be exciting – and with an experienced team alongside you to co-ordinate the process, you should enjoy the ride!

If you’d like to discuss a building project, please get in touch.

Nick Bird


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