It’s your home; we get it.  So much more than bricks and mortar – it’s your haven.

We understand the emotional attachment – and that creating the home of your dreams is a big deal.  We’re here to hold your hand through the process, providing guidance, supplying expertise, appointing contractors, ensuring that the end result exceeds your expectations, but not your budget.

The Accuro Approach

For those of you whose Latin isn’t quite as proficient as it could be, Accuro translates as “I take care of”, so it seemed appropriate.  This, after all, is our approach to every project we undertake; we aim to take care of everything as we work with you to create a beautiful living space, tailored to suit your lifestyle – and with a features list to match.

Dreams to reality

We hate surprises – and when it comes to building your home, we’ll assume that you want to avoid them too. Our style is open and transparent, so there won’t be any surprises when it comes to costs or timescales. We’re happy to make changes as the project evolves, but we’ll always make sure that you’re aware of the implications before anything is implemented.

With an integrated and highly skilled group of specialists ranging from architects and designers to project managers and quantity surveyors, we understand every step involved in transforming a house into an extraordinary living space. With all the expertise you’ll ever need under one roof, you’ll be guided seamlessly through every step of your project, from concept to completion.

You can be assured of outstanding craftmanship, meticulous attention to detail and an obsession with exceeding expectations. In short, everything you’d hope for.

Likely steps of the process

We’ve noticed that some design & build projects seem overly confusing, almost shrouded in mystery: we’re very keen that Accuro projects should be as straightforward and simple as possible!  While every project is a one-off, with very individual characteristics, most of them follow a similar structure, which looks something like this:

We’re on hand to support, advise and guide you through every step of the ‘journey’ – and we want you to enjoy the process of creating the home of your dreams.