Major home refurbishment is a messy business.  If you need to call in project managers (like us!) to oversee the project, chances are you’ll be re-doing electrics and plumbing, replacing the kitchen and bathrooms and probably knocking down a wall or two – and all that means that you’re going to need to move out for a while.  The exorbitant costs of renting, especially if you’ll need a family-sized home in or around the Surrey area, add a significant sum to the overall project costs, but our current clients have come up with an interesting and innovative solution.

Our clients had had previous business dealings with Alexander Stepura, a Ukrainian entrepreneur.  War changed everything in Ukraine.  Alex and his business partner, Oleg Pogonyshev, used their robotics skills to create an entirely new method of house building that sees construction take far less time than a traditional house and uses far less energy in the manufacturing process, leading to an end-product which is remarkably affordable and has both quality and sustainability at its core.

The new business, HOMErs, began producing small modular homes to house Ukrainians whose property had been destroyed during the Russian invasion.  While continuing to build 40-50 modules per month for Ukrainian refugees, the company has diversified to launch a range of modular buildings for the British and European markets.  Initially they will specialise in garden rooms and glamping pods, but their larger units could be a reasonably-priced but luxurious option for people needing to vacate their homes temporarily, like our clients.

They have purchased the first such modular home in the UK.  Opting for a state-of-the-art 2-bedroomed version, complete with lounge, kitchen, shower room and an expansive deck surround, the couple will move from their house to the structure for the duration of their refurbishment project.  Its modular nature allows for easy transportation and assembly.  The Accuro team were on-site to work with the Ukrainians to erect the building in our clients’ garden; it was completed in less than 10 days and required no planning consent.   They opted for a fully energy independent version which comes complete with solar panels and batteries.  This costs a little more but quickly pays for itself.  The beauty of the modular home is that it allows for total customisation and architectural adaptations to both enhance its visual appeal and ensure that it suits the precise needs of its owners.

At the official launch of HOMErs in the UK, the Ukrainian ambassador, Vadym Prystaiko, said, “HOMErs is a great example of the collaboration of Ukrainian ingenuity with British investment and support.”

The high quality, visually appealing modular home our clients have purchased comes complete with everything they might need, including a washing machine, beds, lounge seating and ample storage – even a barbeque for the deck!  With UK power sockets supplied as standard, everything has been taken care of.


And at the end of the renovation project, the structure can easily be dismantled and either moved or sold.  Costs vary according to the modules selected and any work required to prepare the ground for the structure, but it’s likely to be a far more cost-effective option than renting a property.

This short video was filmed at the launch event and shows the finished home:


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