Everything you need, all under one roof.  Simple.

We have access to the very best luxury property design and development expertise available and your Project Director will pull together a team of professionals perfectly suited to you and what you want to achieve.  All of them are highly qualified, but flexible.

Whether you’re building from scratch or remodelling to suit the changing needs of the way you live today, you’ll have access to a carefully curated team of specialists who will guide you through every step of your property project, delivering the home you’ve dreamed about, on time and within budget.

Architecture & Planning

Whatever the scale, scope and budget of your project, our architects will design a home that works beautifully for the long term and, crucially, feels right for you.

Once you’ve shared your concept with us, we’ll expertly build in all your requirements according to your family’s lifestyle needs and, after all the necessary tweaks, will produce a technically-perfect architectural design that our construction team can use as their blueprint.

Building regulations and planning applications are all taken care of by experts who fully understand the process, so you’re safe in the knowledge that all the requisite paperwork has been completed correctly.

New Builds

When we talk about Design and Build, we mean exactly that:  we design to your specification – and then we build.  Easy!  Well, it’s not always 100% straightforward, but as it’s what we do, all day, every day, we’re not fazed by it.  We want you to be involved – and to enjoy the whole process of seeing your dream become a reality.

We’ll start by listening to what you want to achieve and while we’re always happy to suggest modifications, we’ll never lose sight of your goal.  It’s all about capturing your vision and then creating an aesthetically stunning environment – with functionality built around you.

While our new build portfolio will hopefully spark your imagination, you’ll find that there’s no ‘house-style’.  Accuro properties come in many guises; the common denominators are quality, luxury, attention to detail and functionality.

Renovation & Remodelling

Maybe you’ve spotted a great house, but the layout is all wrong?  Perhaps the home you once loved just doesn’t suit the way your family lives today?  You know that something major needs to happen, but you don’t know where to start – that’s where we come in!

We’ll listen, advise and make suggestions, always mindful that any project you undertake needs to end up with a beautifully designed environment which captures your vision whilst maximising the value of your property.

Project Management & Quantity Surveying

We’ve got the experience and the team to deliver your entire project and we guarantee that we’ll love doing it – and that you’ll love the end result! But maybe that’s not what you need right now? Perhaps you just need a little bit of expertise, someone to act as the buffer between you and your builder, keeping everything on track?

Someone who can manage the costs of your project or draw up all the contracts?

We’re pleased to offer project management and quantity surveying services as standalone entities to help get your build underway – and to keep it firmly on track.

Interior Design

Whether your personal style favours classic or contemporary lines, whether you need an interior designer to develop and execute your entire project, or just one aspect of it, we’ll introduce you to a designer who suits you – your taste, your budget and your timescale. There’s no more personal relationship; this is the professional who will impact the look and feel of your home so it’s vital that their creative vision suits and that there’s chemistry between you.

Compelling interiors are the finishing touches of a stunning environment and our designers will help you create the perfect space for you and your family.

Landscape Design

Your home demands a garden that will stand the test of time and provide year-round enjoyment.  Our landscape designers have the ideas, the experience, the enthusiasm and the muscle-power needed to transform your outdoor spaces.  They’ll discuss your vision at length and then supply detailed plans and costings, so you know exactly what’s involved.  They’ve worked on gardens of every shape and size; whatever its look at the outset, they will help you achieve something truly outstanding.

They’ll call on highly skilled lighting designers or water-feature specialists where needed to ensure that they deliver a garden beyond expectations and one which, most importantly, works for you.

Security & Home Automation

Whether you want to incorporate clever new technology for an intuitive, digitally connected home, or just to save on your energy bills and ensure your family’s safety, we’ll take care of it.

Intruder alarms, security lighting, CCTV and door entry systems can be monitored remotely from your mobile or tablet device to put your mind at rest, wherever you may be.  Lighting systems can be automated and intelligently controlled to ensure optimum ambience throughout your home.  Your home movie room can be designed to far exceed the experience of a trip to the cinema; all you need supply is the popcorn!  Play music and watch TV all around the house with discreet speakers and hidden technology.  You tell us just how far you want to take home automation and we’ll make it happen.

Land Appraisal & Development

We can help you quickly identify the value of a development site or area of land.  Does it have realistic development – or redevelopment – potential?

We’ll produce an accurate development appraisal and pre-plan your project thoroughly from start to finish.  We’ll factor in site preparation, land remediation, build costs and all professional fees so that you can make factual decisions as to the viability of any given project.