In a word, yes!  We recently met with a new client who needed help.  She’d already spoken to a potential property development partner about her transformation project and he’d gone away and briefed 2 firms of architects.  He then returned and presented our poor client with SIX possible house layouts!  The result?  Total confusion.

We like to do things differently.  We’ll bring along an architect to one of our initial meetings, so they understand from the outset exactly what you want to achieve.  Together, we’ll drill down to find out how you want to live and use your space – and will ‘future-proof’ the layout so it remains viable for years to come.  We’ve been designing, building and remodelling properties in this area for more than 20 years now, and that experience makes all the difference when it comes to designing a home that meets your needs and maximises its potential.

Our architects are skilled in looking at the space as a whole and will make suggestions as to how it can best be used so that your property never ends up looking ‘over-developed’.  And because they’re involved from the very beginning of the process, there’s consistency between the design and delivery phases.  We will also offer to guide you on the likely cost of the designs as they develop, rather than waiting until after you’ve secured planning permission for your dream home – only to find that it’s outside your budget!

This enables us to design  a home which will work for you, falls within your budget  and will achieve what you were hoping for; in short,  a plan that meets the brief.  Simple!

If you’re considering a design and build project for 2020, please get in touch.

Nick Bird

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