At the start of every project, large or small, we set out a realistic timeline so that our clients know what will happen and when.  We also highlight exactly when key decisions will need to be made so that you can start to think about things well in advance.

Whether you’re building your dream home from scratch or remodelling your current house to suit the way you and your family want to live today, you’ll find that there are an awful lot of choices to be made – and many of the key decisions are needed way earlier in the process than you might imagine.  Will your sink sit under the window or on the kitchen island?  Where do you want the shower in the guest ensuite? What sort of lighting scheme will you choose for the hallway?

It’s only once, for example, we know where you’d like the electrical points and whether you want a coffered ceiling in the living room, that we can ask our electricians to tender for the project.  We need to do this in plenty of time so that we can get quotes from trusted tradespeople and secure the best possible prices.

Some clients choose to employ the services of an interior design consultancy – and we are always happy to introduce them to one we think they’ll work well with – who will guide them through the myriad of choices they must make.  If you prefer to go it alone, we will, of course, support you, advising, providing options and giving you the benefit of our years of experience.  But, either way, the critical timelines are vital for keeping your build on track.

By adhering to the project timetable, we avoid costly delays.  If things don’t run to plan you may find that your tradespeople are already committed elsewhere, and you end up with the nightmare scenario of the plumber moving on to start his next job.  If the build programme overruns, you may end up having to extend your rental period by 2 or 3 months or more, with all the costs that this will incur.  We all want to avoid delay and disappointment, so we’ll be encouraging you to focus on those critical decisions in good time.

You’re paying us to deliver the house of your dreams – but we see it as our role to deliver it on time and within the agreed budget.  So making those decisions in plenty of time is key.

If you’re ready to start thinking about a building or refurbishment project, please get in touch and we can run through the process with you.

Nick Barlow

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