One of the great joys of working within the luxury property space in Surrey is that no two projects are ever the same.  We’re lucky to have worked with clients who have great ideas, great vision and are happy to make bold, individual choices.  This makes it difficult to report on current widespread trends, but there are a few constants which seem to be uppermost in people’s minds when it comes to their home wish lists.

  • The ever-expanding kitchen/ family room

While the kitchen has always been an important feature, it’s recently become the focal point of the whole house, the room where people tend to spend almost all their time.  Increasingly we’re seeing the space stretched to include not just cooking and eating but watching TV, doing homework, entertaining and working.

  • Blurring the boundary between indoors and out

It’s not just bifold doors and retractable windows today; covered verandas, outdoor fireplaces and firepits mean that time can be spent outside even during the cooler months. The garden is very much being treated as an extra room of the house.

  • Unique interior design solutions

We work with a number of highly creative interior designers and their imagination knows no bounds!  Their use of textures and tones adds a touch of class which is subtle but stunning.

  • Walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms

These are almost standard these days – but they are getting bigger and bigger, with many clients happy to lose a bedroom to accommodate a sumptuous dressing area.

  • Enhanced security features;

Always important, but the advances in technology mean that increasingly sophisticated systems are being employed to ensure peace of mind.

If you’d like to discuss the features you’re considering for your new home project, please give me a call to arrange an initial consultation.

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