The key word here is ‘partner’.  This is likely to be a hugely important project for you and, if it’s your dream family home that you’re looking to create, there will be a high level of emotional investment.  It’s vital that you feel you could work closely with your Project Director – and that you feel that they’ve taken the time to fully understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve.  Yes, you want someone who’ll make suggestions as to features you might want to include, or compromises you might want to consider, but you should always feel confident that they’ve kept sight of your end goal – and your budget.

You should also stop to think about:

  • Will you actually ever see your contact again?

You definitely don’t want to find yourself ‘fobbed off’ on one their underlings.  With Accuro, your Project Director remains your primary point of contact throughout

  • Is their accounting system clear and transparent?

We follow stringent RICS-approved procedures for managing client money, so your funds are always 100% secure.

  • Can they accommodate individual house styles?

Chances are, your dream home is a little bit different to everyone else’s.  If you’re buying or remodelling a luxury property in Surrey, you’ll probably want to put your stamp on it.  If you take a look at the properties we’ve included on our website (and we have plenty more we can show you!) we hope you’ll see that there’s no one style, each one is unique.

  • Do they offer a comprehensive follow-up service?

We send in a team after 6 and 12 months to take care of any ‘snags’ – and if anything goes wrong in the meantime, just shout.

  • Can you talk to their previous clients?

It’s always a good idea to have a ‘warts and all’ chat with a previous client.  After all, they’ve experienced the service first-hand.

Obviously, we believe that we meet all these criteria!  If you’d like to find out more, please give me a call.

Nick Barlow

01932 559 150