Neighbours.  We all have them, and keeping them onside whilst creating the home of your dreams can often be a challenge.  One of the great benefits of utilising the services of a design and build partner (well, one that works like we do, anyway!) is that we become the conduit between you and your neighbours.  We’re going to be working alongside them for at least 12 months, so it’s better if we all get along!

We spend time at the outset explaining the processes of the project to them; communication is key.  We also stress that we know what we’re doing and have run projects just like this one many times before.  They’ll be encouraged to come to us with any concerns they may have and we’ll always warn them about any upcoming noisy or messy stages (although we do like to run a tidy site!) and minimise stress levels for everyone involved.

We know that parking issues are often a flashpoint and we try hard to ensure that consideration is shown by all our contractors.  Similarly, any boundary issues are dealt with as early as possible, so they don’t become contentious.

By effectively removing you from the process, any concerns are directed to us, not to you.  We become their point of contact and queries are resolved quickly to ensure that good relations are maintained.

We’ve found that using us as the neutral third party removes the emotion from the process and ensures that you’ll be welcomed with open arms on the day you move back in.

If you’d like to find out more, please give me a call.

18 December 2019

Nick Bird

01932 559 150