If you’ve been following us for a while now, you’ll already know that we’re a full-service construction management company.  Put simply, whatever you need when it comes to building your dream home, we can supply.  We have access to talented architects who can envision exactly what’s going to work for you and your family.  We can introduce you to one of our amazing interior designers who will advise and support you as you create your dream home.  Our garden and landscape designers can help you conceive stunning outdoor spaces and we can work together to get the whole project through the planning process.  Bringing our clients’ dream homes to life is what we do!

But sometimes, that’s not what you need.  Maybe you’ve already had your plans approved and now you just want some help in appointing a builder?  Perhaps you feel you need someone with experience to act on your behalf when agreeing costs and timescales?  Could you use someone to draw up the specification and the contracts for your project?

Our project management service could be just the thing!  We’re chartered quantity surveyors and experienced project managers, so our clients often use us as the ‘buffer’ between them and their builder: we can communicate effectively with you – but the builder won’t be able to blind us with jargon!  We can ensure you’re getting value for money and keep the entire project on track.

This removes the stress from the process and leaves you feeling confident that everything’s been taken care of.  Let us make sure that your dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare!


A testimonial from one of our project management clients

If you’re planning a building project and you’d like to have an initial chat about the sort of service you might need, please get in touch.

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