Over time, it’s easy to become dissatisfied with your house.  Friends move to exciting new properties, children and pets grow up, life changes.  Suddenly, the house you once loved seems old and tired, and doesn’t quite fit with the way you want to live.  Rather than looking around for somewhere new, it may be time to consider a major overhaul, a re-configuration, maybe an extension to make you fall back in love with your home.

If you like the neighbourhood (and the neighbours!), a transformation project can give you the house of your dreams, in an area that you know and love.

Stripping the house back to basics means that niggles and issues which may have bothered you for years can be rectified.  We can look at a new layout, perhaps opening up quirky spaces to give you the ‘flow’ you’ve always wanted.  Switching rooms around could mean that the kitchen now overlooks the garden as you’ve always wished – or maybe you’d love a giant kitchen island?  Today’s indoor/ outdoor style of living requires glass doors to the terrace – and, perhaps, the latest ‘must-have’ accessory – the fire-pit!  All this can be taken care of.

A reconfiguration would also give you the chance to incorporate the very latest technology; everything changes so quickly and the new tech can be pretty transformative.

If you only need a minor tweak, your local builder can probably assist, but if you need a total reworking of the space, you need us!  We can advise on any planning issues, bring in a structural engineer and an architect to draw up plans and advise re an interior designer if you’d like help in that department.  We’ll take care of the redecoration, the roof, the windows – whatever is needed.

You will need to move out for a while, but when you move back in, it will be like moving into a new house – one where everything works as it should, everything is sparkly and new and has been re-designed to suit the way you want to live today.

If it’s time to fall back in love with your home, please get in touch to find out how the process comes together.

Nick Bird


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