Why choose Accuro?

Embarking upon a home-transformation project is always a leap of faith, but, undoubtedly, deciding who to trust to guide you on the journey is the most important step you will take.

We will work hard to repay the faith you’ve shown in us, but here are a few criteria you might like to consider before you make your decision.

Communication is king!

We’re available whenever you need us.  Changed your mind about a wine cellar?  Just shout.  Decided you’d like to add a pool and an outdoor kitchen?  Give us a call.  You want the garden landscaped after all?  Let’s talk it through.

Your point of contact is a Director of the business – and the buck stops with us.

We’ll make sure that you’re aware of the feasibility – and of any cost implications.  And if you just need a bit of reassurance that everything will be ready on time, we’re always on hand.

We listen!

We never come to a project with preconceived ideas about what you should do.

Yes, we’ll offer advice – but first we need to hear about you and your lifestyle and the way you want to live over the coming years.

It’s all about making sure that your home works for you – and everyone’s situation is different.

No ‘house’ style

Take a peep at our portfolio and you’ll see that we design to a wide range of styles; it’s all about what works for the property and your lifestyle – this is your home and we want it to be unique.

Stunning? Yes.
Functional? Yes.
Top quality? Yes, and always totally unique.


Our accounting is open and transparent.  We’ll start with an outline of the budget for the project overall and will flesh this out before we start so you know exactly where you stand.  You’ll receive an updated summary each month to detail what’s been paid on your account and what’s outstanding.  We’ll remain fully open about all projected costs, so you know exactly what to expect, every step of the way.

And, on the matter of finance, we open a separate, dedicated client account for each project and follow strict RICS-accredited procedures for managing client money, so your funds are securely ring-fenced, 100% protected.

Your point of contact remains your point of contact!

Your Project Director will be your primary point of contact throughout.  We’re not the salesmen who pass you over once the deal is struck.  It’s our business, our reputation and your project matters to us, right up to the moment when we hand over the keys – and beyond!

Constructing a limited number of properties each year allows us to maintain a full-service relationship with every client.  It means that we can manage progress first-hand and be available to you as and when you need us.

Follow up

Our involvement doesn’t end when we hand over the keys!

There are bound to be teething problems and we’re on hand to work through these with you.

Additionally, we schedule reviews after 6 and 12 months when we’ll be back to check over your property and ensure that everything is still exactly as it should be and to correct any issues.


Your opinion of the service you’ve received from us matters.

It matters a lot that you think we did a great job and that you’d be happy to recommend us.  We want you to come back to us when you’re ready to embark upon your next project, plus, we live in the area and we don’t want to end up avoiding you in the high street!

We always encourage prospective clients to talk to previous clients – after all, no-one knows us better than they do!

We know what we’re doing!

Despite our boyish good looks (!), we’ve actually been doing this for a very long time.

We each have 20+ years experience of building luxury homes in this area (one of the most demanding in the UK), hold a whole raft of qualifications and are chartered professionals.

Over the years, we’ve developed a style that works, but we’ve retained an enthusiasm for what we do and still approach every new project with an open mind and a sense of excitement.