So, you’ve appointed us as your property developers, entrusted with delivering the home of your dreams.  Thank you!  Once contracts are signed, the site can be secured and hoardings can go up – but there’s still a lot to take care of before a single brick can be laid.

Firstly, your dedicated Accuro Project Director will appoint the project consultants who will work with us on your build.  This team is likely to include a technical drawings architect, a structural engineer, a mechanical and electrical designer,  an interior designer and a landscape designer.  These specialists will each provide specific expertise and together we will ensure a smooth process of the very highest standards.

We’ll make sure that all planning requirements are taken care of and will liaise, where appropriate, with any relevant external management committees.  We’ll co-ordinate environmental experts who will conduct bat and wildlife surveys and tree and topographical surveys and advise on any requisite action or safeguarding.


Disconnections and demolition

We’ll then start work on utility disconnections and then, once everything is safe, we can turn to demolition and clearance of the site.

Whilst all this is happening, we’ll be finalising designs for the new build, and will conduct design team meetings to ensure that the scheme specification and all costs are finalised.  A detailed and accurate budget will be established, along with a timeline for every stage of the build.  We open a separate, dedicated bank account for each project and follow strict RICS-approved procedures for managing client money, so your funds are securely protected.  We will ensure that you know exactly when staged payments will be required throughout the project in order that progress is never disrupted.


Value for money – and top quality

The construction of the building will be put out to tender so that we achieve the best possible value for money whilst guaranteeing the standards you’d expect, and we’ll appoint the specialist tradespeople we’ll require.  Wherever possible we will opt to work with companies whose quality of work we know and trust.

Only once all this is in place can the actual laying of foundations begin – but from then on, it’s full steam ahead!


If you’re considering a design & build project to create the home of your dreams, please get in touch to discuss how we could work together.

Nick Barlow

01932 559 150