We love what we do – and we especially love the variety of our projects.  We approach every one with a fresh pair of eyes and enjoy that vital first meeting when we find out all about you and your family, how you want to live and the ideas you have for your home.  Ideally, we’ll bring along one of our architects who’ll soak up all this information and start to build a picture, a blueprint for the way forward.

As there’s no ‘house-style’, we never try to impose our ‘signature design’ on you, so the possibilities are endless!

The chances are, you’ll be paying a significant sum in order to achieve your dream home, so we’ll encourage you to look to create something that’s truly unique, totally individual to you, rather than a version of every other house in the neighbourhood.  Yes, there are ‘fashions’ in house design, as in most things, but we will always urge you to be a little different, to think outside the box.  Your home needs to suit your family, to work for you – and to bring you joy.

Whether we’re building from scratch or undertaking an extensive renovation, we’ll suggest adjustments and offer ideas you may not have considered; the aim is to end up with something entirely bespoke.  And we’ll always advise as to whether knocking down or refurbishing is the best route, both in terms of cost (and VAT savings) but also in terms of retaining the character of a beautiful older property.  Often, stripping a property back and restoring it to its former glory, with the addition of all the latest mod cons of course, can mean that you end up with something both unique and stunning.

We always consider the individual merits of each project and aim to create a home which genuinely ticks all your boxes.  Creating your dream home should be one of life’s most exciting journeys and we want to ensure that you enjoy that journey just as much as you love the end result.

If you’re considering a project like this, please get in touch and let’s see if we can travel that path together!

Nick Barlow


01932 559 150