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To Surrey from Ukraine!

  Major home refurbishment is a messy business.  If you need to call in project managers (like us!) to oversee the project, chances are you’ll be re-doing electrics and plumbing, replacing the kitchen and bathrooms [...]

Fall back in love with your home!

Over time, it’s easy to become dissatisfied with your house.  Friends move to exciting new properties, children and pets grow up, life changes.  Suddenly, the house you once loved seems old and tired, and doesn’t [...]

Involve us from the start!

We understand that finally taking the first few steps on your ‘journey’ towards building your forever home can seem a little overwhelming.  The enormity of the process, all the professionals you need to involve, can [...]

Keeping your neighbours onside

Seeing that first brick laid of your dream house can be an emotional moment: after months – and sometimes years – of planning, revising and refining your vision, seeing your ideas translated skilfully into an [...]

Industry award winners!

We love the process of creating our clients’ dream homes.  Whether we’re building from scratch or refurbishing an existing property, we recognise the huge responsibility of the process – and handing the keys back to [...]

Standing out – by blending in!

Building or refurbishing houses within a conservation area throws up a whole set of complex issues and it’s vital to work with someone experienced in this niche area when considering a transformation project. [...]

Decisions – timing is everything!

At the start of every project, large or small, we set out a realistic timeline so that our clients know what will happen and when.  We also highlight exactly when key decisions will need to [...]

All projects, great and small!

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of building or transforming a vast house, and some of our largest projects have been MAJOR – and worth upwards of £7 million.  But sometimes it’s super-satisfying to have [...]

The Accuro after-sales service

  Don’t panic, you’re not on your own!  We don’t just walk away when the decorators move out and the curtains go up!  We’ll be on hand as you settle into your new home, whether [...]

What happens before the building starts?

So, you’ve appointed us as your property developers, entrusted with delivering the home of your dreams.  Thank you!  Once contracts are signed, the site can be secured and hoardings can go up – but there’s [...]

Land Development Opportunities

  Quarantine and the associated ‘downtime’ can lead to great creativity and planning.  While you’re self-isolating, why not investigate land and development opportunities?  Perhaps you have a large garden and you’ve wondered whether it has [...]