We’re often asked whether it’s worth utilising the services of an interior design consultancy.  We always encourage our clients to do so and will introduce them to a company we believe will best suit their needs at the very start of a project.  Here, Lucy Manchester, a director of one of our selected consultancies, The L&C Company, explains the benefits they can offer:

We love working with Accuro on their design and build projects – their houses are stunning!  By getting us involved from the outset, clients can be sure that each little detail has been covered; they can relax and enjoy every aspect of creating their dream home.


We always start with an in-depth scope of work – we meet with the client and agree exactly what they’d like us to do.  We build up a detailed picture of their individual tastes and style so that their home reflects their personal vision. This briefing is one of the fundamental elements to a successful project.


We work alongside the Accuro team, getting involved with all the detail, looking at furniture layouts to ensure that power points and lighting are in the right place, reviewing flooring options, bathroom and kitchen designs and all the joinery needs such as dressing rooms, studies and wine rooms. (The full list is way longer than this, but you get the idea!)  It’s a lot, so we’ll provide drawings, plans and imagery so the client can fully visualise the concepts and every design element.

We’ll always agree the budget at the outset and the choices we present will be within the parameters set. 

The combination of creativity, supplier knowledge, organisational skills, documentation and processes are all key to the success of every interior design project and we have robust systems, technical knowledge and procedures in place to ensure that our clients have exactly what they need in order to make choices in plenty of time – and the Accuro team have everything they need from us to deliver on their accountabilities.  It’s this level of teamwork that ensures success.

Most of our clients are extremely busy so we’ll book in all design meetings at the outset of a project, each with an agenda,  so they’re aware in advance of what we’ll be discussing and when decisions will need to be made.  Delays on site can be expensive and cause untold stress; our processes ensure that we avoid such setbacks, which is why Accuro enjoy having us on board.  They trust us and know that our rigorous attention to detail means that disruption to timescales will be avoided.

 Designing a new home should always be a pleasure and our expertise and experience ensures that the process is enjoyable.  We genuinely love  working with Accuro and their amazing clients – seeing the end result is wonderful.


So, as you can see, it’s a great idea to engage an interior design consultancy; there are always an awful lot of decisions to be made and their experience can make all the difference.

If you’re considering a design & build project to create the home of your dreams in 2020, please get in touch today.

Nick Barlow


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