There’s nothing quite like the thrill of building or transforming a vast house, and some of our largest projects have been MAJOR – and worth upwards of £7 million.  But sometimes it’s super-satisfying to have a quick turnaround project to work on.  It’s amazing what you can do in 6 or so months, maybe opening up the back of a house, adding an extension to give extra space to a breakfast area, refitting the kitchen, adding underfloor heating and then decorating throughout to bring it all bang up to date.  It’s full on and frantic – but the results can be stunning!

This sort of transformation project usually starts at around £200,000 (+ VAT).  All our projects, great or small, are headed up by one of our directors and it’s this level of personal involvement that goes a long way towards setting us apart.  We pride ourselves on our communication and the relationships we build with our clients.  We recognise that you’re trusting us with your home and that this matters intensely to you.  You’ll find that each project matters to us too – not just the huge ones.

If, during your venture, you call with a query or need an update, you’ll expect us to have the answers, to know what’s happening on site and to be on top of the numbers and the deadlines.

Whatever the size of project, our principles are the same; clear, concise communication, a transparent approach to pricing, a skilled, reliable team of expert tradespeople, a firm hand on timescales – and no nasty surprises.

We work in an increasingly competitive sector.  We rely heavily on referrals and recommendations from people we’ve worked with in the past.  Clients won’t recommend us if we haven’t done a great job.  Many of our clients become repeat clients – sometimes they just decide they want to take the next step with their existing house, adding a swimming pool and pool house, an annexe or an extra floor – and sometimes they want to go through the entire process again and build a whole new house!

Whether you’re a new client or an old friend, whether your project is big or small, if you’re thinking about transforming your home, please get in touch to discuss what we can do.

Nick Bird

01932 559 150